My internship at R.E.A. Training Methods was an amazing experience. From the start, Coach Russell inquired on specific learning goals that I hoped to achieve from my time there. He began to challenge me in those areas making sure that he was able to help me reach those goals. He would routinely check in on my progress and ask if there were any questions on the training sessions from the day and would gladly take extra time to discuss with me. After learning a little bit about the technique of R.E.A. Training Methods and some of the clients goals/limitations, I was able to put in the action as soon as I felt ready. The clients were very enthusiastic about their exercise workouts, coming in at anytime to train and they also provided me with feedback on my training. Coach Russell and head trainer Steve ere very supportive to the development of my workouts. They would constructively critique my workouts by asking why the exercises are in a specific order, why repetitions are that number, and how the technique should be done for those exercises. They wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and that the workouts created were effective. R.E.A. Training Methods has given me more confidence in my training ability and given me a fun experience I will not forget. I can not that Coach Russell and Coach Steve enough for their efforts in helping to develop me into a better trainer and making the journey a great one!


"..I believe that R.E.A. is helping me to think on my feet and improve my coaching methods and workout routines."

R.E.A. Training Methods1540 West Park Ave Suite 4 Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 (732) 982-7531


R.E.A. Training Methods was a great place for me to experience my required internship. I gained a lot of knowledge about personal training and important things to keep in mind while training. There was a lot of hands on experience and one-on-one interaction with the trainers and their clients. The trainers, Steve and Russell, give a lot of good advice and discuss their methods during the work outs to help the intern better understand the techniques behind their training methods. I highly recommend this internship for anyone who is planning on being a personal trainer and needs to experience what it is like first. 


"I would recommend R.E.A. Training Methods to others. R.E.A. presents a positive, safe, and enthusiastic atmosphere for which interns can benefit. The coaching staff work hard to help me improve and answer any questions I have."


I Interned at Elite Sports Performance Center training facility for my personal training certification and the quality of my internship under R.E.A. Training Methods completely exceeded my expectations of what the internship would be like. Russ was extremely informative and professional, leaving me with hands on experience in training and the confidence to go out on my own training career. Setting up my internship was easy and Russ was happy to accommodate my busy schedule with flexibility in scheduling. The facility itself is very impressive, it is spacious and stocked with many different types of exercise equipment to practice training with. I recommend the Elite Sports Performance Center training facility to anyone who is interested in learning firsthand about being a top notch trainer. 

Kalie                                               Farmingdale, NJ