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Private Training

R.E.A. offers 50 minute private and small group training, 30 minute private and small group training.

Every client is evaluated and tested.

 R.E.A. Muscle Imbalance Evaluation

FMS Functional Movement Screen

TPI Golf Fitness Assessment

CSCS Measurements

Every client has their own personalized training program.

Train for your health and fitness goals.

 Stronger lower back, Add flexibility to golf swing, Strengthen Knees for skiing/basketball, Exercise after Joint Replacement (Post Rehab), Eliminate desk job and manual labor aches and pains, Weight Loss, Add yards/rounds to one's Golf game, Make the sports team, Run a Marathon/Triathlon/Tough Mudder, Live a healthier/pain-free life.

Training prices and evaluation  appointments are available by contacting R.E.A. at ramethods@gmail.com or 732-982-7531.

Do not wait till tomorrow, call or contact R.E.A. now.